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St. Josephs Hospital Appoints Dr. Louis C. Rose as New Chief of Orthopedics

Dr. Louis C. Rose, who has always been at front and center in the field of orthopedic medicine, has been chosen by St. Josephs Hospital of Yonkers to head the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. In a distinguished career of twenty five years Dr. Rose has worn many hats and won praise from colleagues and patients alike for his dedication, service and care to anyone and everyone.  From the little grandmother in the Bronx to the many celebrities, politicians, and professional athletes he has treated all have nothing but praise for him.

An original native of the Bronx, Dr. Rose has made his work and his passion the practice of medicine in the Bronx where his first dreams were nurtured and where he now feels he can do the most for  a population who until recently were largely relegated to the last of the line. His commitment and personal vision for how medicine should be rendered has been the borough’s gain.

Currently Dr. Rose is State Chairman of the Physicians Advisory Board. In addition to appointing Dr. Rose as chief of Orthopedics St. Josephs also named him as Associate Director of the Department of Surgery. Another honor bestowed on him this year was his election as the new President of the Bronx County Medical Society. He was chairman of Westchester Square Medical Center until it’s recent purchase by Montefiore Hospital. In addition to the many hats he wears Dr. Rose is very active in the political life of the Bronx and how that plays out with regards to medical care for the citizens of the borough.

In his long career Dr. Rose has made many guest appearances on television as an expert in the field of orthopedics and trauma. He was invited to operate on Dr. Andrew Ordon, host of the Doctor’s Show on CBS  where the segment was aired nationally. The outcome of course was excellent for Dr. Andrew who was concerned his golf game might be diminished after the surgery and found quite the contrary.

Insightful, compassionate, determined, brilliant, visionary are all adjectives used to describe Dr. Rose by friends and colleagues alike. In medicine nothing stands out more than the referral a patient makes to a family member or friend. It speaks volumes to everyone when someone can confidently say, “go see Dr. Rose, he took care of me and made me better and eased all my concerns. I’d tell everyone to see him”. This is what happens everyday in his office.

Surgeon, physician, friend, colleague, leader, and most of all; a doctor who cares and whose willing to show by example what great healthcare can be.

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