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Legislative Breakfast Hosted by Dr. Louis Rose

Dr. Louis C. Rose, President of the Bronx County Medical Society, hosted a legislative breakfast at the Hutch Metro Center in their auditorium. Invited guests included dignitaries such as Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Supreme Court Justice Douglas McKeon and State Senator Gustavo Rivera. This was the first meeting of the Bronx County Medical Society under the tenure of Dr. Rose. The meeting between physicians and legislators was designed to form a strong alliance between these two very important groups who serve the same constituents. The outcome was a working agenda with far reaching plans for the year letting all parties address concerns/issues as they perceive or know them to be.

Beginning the forum, Dr. Rose spoke about his mission as the new President to strengthen the working relationship between elected officials and all healthcare providers to accomplish the “goal of a better delivery of medicine to residents and patients in the Bronx”. Under his previous stewardship as Chairman of the Board of Westchester Square Medical Center, Dr. Rose was credited with breathing new life into an ailing hospital and expanding its scope as the best community hospital in the Bronx.

Both Borough President Ruben Diaz and State Senator Gustavo Rivera spoke very strongly about the disparities of healthcare in the Bronx and what they feel needs to happen in this partnership of spirit, mind and work between physicians and legislators. Justice McKeon, who has sat on the bench for over thirty years, also spoke forcefully about the view of judges as they preside over disputes between healthcare providers, attorneys and litigants.

The forum helped to kick off the new year with a strong foundation with which to move ahead to help implement needed changes and help both the practicing providers and the residents of the Bronx achieve and surpass healthcare goals that will improve everyone’s quality of life and bring it on par with any other resident living in Manhattan or elsewhere.

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